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With a triple detoxifying effect, The Concentrate highly effectively and naturally reduces the skin’s signs of aging.
Components of sugar cane, olive and Chinese date activate the skin’s own recycling system as a detoxifying complex. Protein residue accumulated in the cells is broken down and combined to form new protein substances. This detoxifies the cells, extends their life cycle and rejuvenates the skin.
A highly active physio complex of rock rose, jiaogulan and amino acid restores the skin’s lipid balance and stimulates its oxidative defence system.* By binding moisture for 72 hours in the skin, corn extract contributes to a stable barrier layer and an optimum functioning of the skin cells.**
Valuable active ingredients of iris and white truffle form the anti-aging phyto complex that optimises the anchoring of the skins layers and thus their exchange of nutrients whilst stabilising the connective tissue.*
The result is a more elastic, softer, smoother and firmer skin with visibly reduced wrinkles and clearly defined facial contours.

*Proven in vitro with the used active ingredient
**Proven in a clinical study with the used active ingredient

Belesthétique The Concentrate 30ml

SKU: Belesthétique The Concentrate 30ml
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