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Beauty food for hair and scalp! Whoever would like to have beautiful and strong hair should know that beauty comes from within. This nutritional supplement consistently balances out all nutritional deficiencies that affect the hair structure. Bio-Fanelan Synergie is the perfect support for the Méthode Régénérante active ingredient ampoules. It contains an exclusive active complex formulation to ideally complete the range. The Bio-Fanelan Synergie nutritional supplement contains an exclusive active complex formulation. Packaged in small capsules, the unique effect develops from within and tackles the problem in four different ways. 1. Spirulina algae strengthens the immune system, acts as a radical trap and prevents symptoms of deficiencies. 2. Vitamin B supplies strength and vitality and soothes inflammations. 3. Hair minerals increase resistance and wound healing and actively support hair growth. 4. Specific hair vitamin E boosts the circulation and delays the premature hair aging process. In comparison to other nutritional supplements, Bio-Fanelan Synergie is extraordinarily effective as it contains a particularly balanced combination of nutrients. Thanks to the use of high-quality, organically bound minerals in contrast to the frequently used inorganically bound minerals, the supplement is exceptionally effective and well tolerated.Bio-Fanelan Synergie is a highly effective way to combat hair loss, prevent it and significantly improve hair growth. In addition, it supports many of our body’s vital functions. Bio-Fanelan Synergie was developed based on the latest scientific research. Thanks to the synergistic effect of Bio-Fanelan ampoules from without and Bio-Fanelan Synergie from within, the combating of hair loss and hair growth disorders is particularly effective. True hair beauty comes from within AND without.


Mornings and evenings, after meals, take 1 capsule Bio-Fanelan Synergie with plenty of liquid.

Bio-Fanelan Synergie 60 Capsules

SKU: Bio-Fanelan Synergie
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