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The power of selected plants is concentrated in this extraordinary lifting care product. The branched inulin formed by the blue agave in the intensive sunlight of its Mexican habitat is a natural alternative to silicon. It coats the skin like a velvety veil, has an instant lifting effect that fills wrinkles, and leaves the skin feeling soft and well cared for with a matte complexion. Paracress from Madagascar supports the smoothing effect by immediately relaxing the facial features and reducing mimic lines. Mannan from the medicinal plant Bulbine frutescens boosts collagen synthesis in the skin and optimises its structure, while the red algae Jania Rubens uses its high content of minerals, trace elements and plant taurine to stimulate the cell energy. Tired, lacklustre skin is re-energised, restructured and left looking visibly lifted.

Dermosthétique Agave Inulin Lifting Concentrate 30ml

SKU: Dermosthétique Agave Inulin Lifting Conc
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