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If you have tired eyes and the skin around your eyes is looking rather weary, a short break with the AGE3 Complex Instant Lifting Hydrogel Eye Patch will work wonders! Like a second skin, the nearly invisible hydrogel pad with glucomannan adheres to the skin and supplies its active ingredients precisely where they are needed. The skin of the eye contour is given plenty of moisture, and creases are padded out and smoothed as if by magic. You will still notice the effects of the moisture booster even two hours after application. The AGE³ active ingredient complex reverses signs of skin aging, revitalises the skin cells, keeps them fit and neutralises free radicals to provide lasting protection against skin aging. Immediately after application, the eye contours look relaxed as if they have been lifted, and the eyes sparkle with fresh radiance. Be it before a special occasion or on the morning after, a quick lifting effect and boost of freshness make this eye pad an absolute must-have!

Dermosthétique AGE³ Instant Lifting Eye Patch 10x2 Pads

SKU: Dermosthétique AGE³ Instant Lifting Eye
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