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They crop up in situations such as during sports, in the sun or when enjoying alcohol, above all appearing on the cheeks and around the nose: redness and visible thread veins. This increased circulation of the capillaries is usually not a medical impairment, yet still an aesthetic disturbance. The clever effect principle of the moisturising, rapidly and invisibly absorbed Carrot Stem Cell Redness Relief Serum provides a soothing remedy. A carrot stem cell extract calms sensitive, irritated skin and reduces redness. The combination of two algae extracts has a vasoconstrictive effect, regulates the microcirculation of the capillaries and releases congestion at the same time. It also stimulates collagen synthesis and firms the skin structure. A prebiotic oat extract supports the skin’s natural defences, while the active ingredient combination of hyaluronic acid and schizophyllan provides anti-pollution protection.

Dermosthétique Carrot Stem Cell Redness Relief Serum 30ml

SKU: Dermosthétique Carrot Stem Cell Redness
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