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The diagnosis: sallow, tired-looking skin that has large pores and is prone to blemishes. The therapy: Ocean Plant Refining Hydro Serum. Without dehydrating the skin or stressing it with textures that are too rich, the light hydro serum conditions and relaxes the skin while supplying it with new energy. Its plant taurine obtained from the algae Jania Rubens boosts the cell energy and wakes up tired facial features. Special plant organisms from the sea reboost the microcirculation of the blood capillaries, which gives the complexion a rosy, fresh glow. A postbiotic active ingredient from plant plankton strengthens the skin barrier, refines the pores and reduces blemishes, leaving the tired skin refreshed, wonderfully unstressed and full of vitality. The complexion is given an even and soft appearance with a breathtaking natural glow. 

Dermosthétique Ocean Plant Refining Hydro Serum 30ml

SKU: Dermosthétique Ocean Plant Refining Hydr
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