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Research has confirmed that a youthful appearance is not all about a lack of wrinkles but an even complexion. Visible pigment disorders make all kinds of skin look older. This is due to increased production of the substance responsible for our skin colour, melanin. The powerful combination of Vitamin C and niacin in Illuminating Concentrate provides an effective remedy for this problem. Supported by a special skin-brightening hyaluronic acid, the combination balances out colour unevenness. It slows down melanin synthesis and combats excessive pigmentation. Stabilised Vitamin C clears the skin, neutralises oxidative damage such as that caused by UV radiation and protects the skin against new damage. Whether applied on its own or mixed with your usual La Biosthétique care cream, just a few drops of the concentrated formula are enough to leave your skin feeling firmer and with an even, radiant complexion.

Dermosthétique Vitamin C + Niacin Illuminating Concentrate 30ml

SKU: Dermosthétique Vitamin C + Niacin Illumi
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