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With the help of a patented, clinically tested active ingredient, Elixir Anti Grey declares war on grey hair. The unique active ingredient complex Anti Grey has a triple effect. A clinically tested biomimetic peptide acts as a pigmentation booster. It activates the natural melanin production of the hair papilla to restore the original, natural hair colour. Extract of candle bush leaves lastingly protects the sensitive melanocytes (pigment-forming cells of the hair), and thus contributes to significantly decelerated aging, which noticeably delays the greying process of the hair. In addition, the natural protection mechanism against the aggressive influences of cell-damaging free radicals is significantly supported. The visible result after three months if, ideally, used daily: Much less grey hair. Furthermore, a mineral energiser from the medicinal gemstone malachite supplies the hair papilla and thus the hair with vital trace elements. The hair is revitalised and regains its natural strength. Without the use of artificial colour pigments, the hair gains and maintains the youthful radiance of its natural hair colour.

Dermosthetique Elixir Anti Grey 95ml

SKU: Dermosthetique Elixir Anti Grey 95ml
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