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The causes of decreasing hair density can be many and varied: stress, hormonal factors or natural ageing processes. The decline in productivity of the stem cells of the hair follicle always plays a dominant role. These stem cells are the decisive starters for active hair growth.

Another factor is a saccharification of the connective tissue, which increases as we age and is known as glycation. This leads to hardening of the tissue, meaning that the scalp loses elasticity and is unable to be properly supplied with nutrients.


The hair becomes thinner and as this progresses, it falls out completely.

On a scientifically documented basis of medicinal and cell biology research, Thérapie Anti-Chute Premium has succeeded in setting a new milestone for combating all causes of premature hair ageing and hair loss.


  • Two different effect mechanisms actively combat hereditary, hormonal, temporary and patchy hair loss.
  • The stem cells that are important for hair growth are reactivated and extensively protected.
  • Damaging hardening of the tissue by deposited sugars is fully removed and the tissue is protected from new hardening.
  • Melanin production is stimulated and premature greying of the hair is prevented.


  • Less hair loss
  • More hair body
  • Noticeably stronger hair
  • Longer preservation of the natural hair colour

Dermosthetique Therapie Anti-Chute Premium 10 ampules

SKU: Dermosthetique Therapie Anti-Chute Premi
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