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Grey is boring and monotonous? Think again! Between natural hair that has turned grey and trendy grey coloured hair, a broad palette of individual shades of grey is waiting to be discovered. These shades provide lasting vibrance and a sophisticated look, as long as they are not ruined by a yellow tinge. Shampoo .11 Steel Gray uses cool pigments to neutralise and mattify warm reflexes with every wash, protect against fading hair colour and preserve the hair’s fascinating shine. Its sulphate-free and silicone-free formulation gently cleanses the hair while optimising its moisture content, leaving naturally grey, white and coloured grey hair looking nourished and strikingly younger. Regular application of Shampoo .11 Steel Gray preserves the hair’s grey colour and enhances it with every wash. If needed, the mild shampoo can be used to cleanse grey hair several times a week. It is also ideal for caring for “granny hair” / Slate Grey.

Glam Color Shampoo Steel Gray .11 250ml

SKU: Glam Color Shampoo Steel Gray .11 250ml
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