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If you have avoided leave-in conditioning treatments in the past out of fear of weighing down your fine hair, you’re sure to love the new weightless feeling provided by Strengthening Conditioning Spray! This simple spray conditioner provides the hair with weightless care, gives it light hold and creates airy volume. All of this lightness is the result of its strong conditioning effect. After all, thin hair not only has less volume but is also more prone to split ends and hair breakage and less effective at protecting the scalp. This is precisely where the active ingredient from Tahitian microalgae comes into play with its thickening and volumising effect. Plant proteins, moisturisers and algae extracts repair, strengthen and protect the hair against external influences such as hair dryer heat, making it easy to comb, wonderfully soft and with maximum volume all day long.

Volume Strengthening Conditioning Spray 150ml

SKU: Volume Strengthening Conditioning Spray
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