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Thin, fragile hair is just as happy to be repaired and strengthened right down to the roots as other hair types. That said, care treatments that are too creamy weigh down fine hair so that it quite literally goes limp. Strengthening Repair Mask causes no such problems. Its clever formulation masters the balancing act between intensive care and a volumising effect. A complex of plant proteins and algae extracts repairs the hair deep down and smooths and seals the surface of the hair without weighing it down. This effect is supported by extract of Tahitian microalgae, which revitalises the hair and prevents hair breakage. Natural moisturisers calm and invigorate fine, damaged hair and reduce the flyaway effect, leaving the deep-conditioned hair easy to detangle, noticeably stronger and with impressive weightless volume and a stunning shine. 

Volume Strengthening Repair Mask 100ml

SKU: Volume Strengthening Repair Mask 100ml
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