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Lashes & Brows 


At The avenue skin clinic we believe that the right brows are as important as the right haircut. Your brows are responsible for over 70% of all your facial expressions! Therefore, the correct brow shape and colour is paramount.  Our expert Brow & Lash artist John has over 15 years experience in creating the perfect brows. You can book your brow appointments with either John or Lee.

Brow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination, also referred to as brow sculpt or brow lift, is a beauty process that restructures your eyebrow hairs, ensuring that they all go in the same direction. In other words, it's like a perm for your eyebrows, helping to make your brow hair stay straight and brushed up. Within Your Brow Lamination treatment you get a brow tint, wax & sculpt.

Henna Brows

Henna brows are a type of tinting that stains the skin giving you tinted hairs for up to 6 weeks and a tint on the skin that can last anywhere from 2-10 days. It's a fantastic way to try out a shape before committing to semi-permanent makeup, or if you just want your eyebrows shaped and filled temporarily. Within your Henna Brows treatment you also get a wax & sculpt.

Cancellation Policy: 48 Hours or full price of service will be charged.

Deal prices are not in conjunction with any other offer. No other discounts allowed. T&Cs apply.

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