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It’s hard to believe, but in addition to offering effortless application and having a weightless effect, this creamy light fluid also provides a powerful package of maximum care and protection for coloured hair! Selected active ingredients including vegan silk, camellia oil, extracts of sea kale and wheat germ and wheat peptides provide moisture down to the roots, repair chemically stressed structures and give brittle hair silky elasticity. The hair is nourished deep down and provided with care exactly where it is needed, and the hair structure is sealed so that the colour pigments remain locked inside the hair, thus protecting the hair colour against premature fading. The instant care also provides effective heat protection that seals the hair and creates a perfect base for subsequent styling – for completely beautiful hair, vibrant colour and silky shine.

Colour Protection Shine Restoring Conditioning Fluid 125ml

SKU: Colour Protection Shine Restoring Condit
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