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When colouring the hair, the hair cuticle needs to open so that the colour pigments can permanently deposit themselves in the hair. If the cuticle is not closed immediately after treatment, the beautiful new colour fades far too quickly, and the hair becomes brittle, dull and prone to damage. With a strong team of protective and conditioning substances, Structure Restoring Mask provides a remedy that works deep down. Extracts of wheat germ and sea kale, camellia and argan oil, a copolymer obtained from sugar beet and ceramides all nourish chemically treated hair and regenerate stressed structures. Strengthened from the inside, the hair is given new resistance and flexibility. The hair surface is smoothed, and the cuticle is sealed. The hair is protected from the roots to the tips, shielded against negative environmental influences and made wonderfully soft and full of expression and silky shine.

Colour Protection Structure Restoring Mask 100ml

SKU: Colour Protection Structure Restoring Ma
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