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Sometimes the result is greater than the sum of its parts. This is proven by this system care, which features two components that complement each other perfectly and achieve revolutionary results together. The coordinated effect concepts restructure chemically treated hair from the inside and outside. The molecular active ingredient complex in Structure Restoring Spray with the natural amino acid cysteine reconstructs damaged sulphur bonds in the hair fibre and fills keratin gaps. The intensively conditioning Structure Restoring Mask with camellia and argan oil nourishes and regenerates the hair structure deep down, seals it on the surface and protects the hair against external influences and premature fading of the hair colour. After the two-phase treatment, the hair is strong, healthy and soft, has silky shine and is full of vibrance – as if it has never been subjected to chemical stress.

Colour Protection Structure Restoring Treatment 1 Set

SKU: Colour Protection Structure Restoring Tr
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