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Mild cleansing and a delicate scent for easy-care hair that you want to stay as beautiful as it already is – with Classic Shampoo, daily hair-washing becomes an uncomplicated ritual for the whole family. Surfactants, some based on natural coconut oil, cleanse the hair and scalp particularly gently, while plant betaine supplies them with moisture. After washing, the hair is easy to comb and noticeably conditioned. It can be perfectly styled and has impressive elasticity and shine. What’s more, Classic Shampoo is good for both the hair and the environment because the empty bottle with the refill icon can be refilled in the La Biosthétique salon, meaning that as much as 90 percent less plastic is used!

Essentiel Classic Shampoo 250ml

SKU: Essentiel Classic Shampoo 250ml
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