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Our hair has to withstand a lot, be it sun and wind, straightening and curling irons or combing and brushing. Classic Conditioner ensures that, despite this daily stress, the hair doesn’t reveal its tiredness by going limp and losing its natural vitality. In a processing time of just a few minutes, a ceramide refills areas of the outer cuticle that have become porous and repairs structural damage. Panthenol improves the hair’s moisture-binding capacities and thus restores its elasticity. Valuable plant oils leave the hair feeling soft and supply it with conditioning nutrients. The completely conditioned hair becomes easy to comb and thanks you for the care with velvety soft grip and breathtaking shine. These impressive results will soon make Classic Conditioner an integral element of your daily beauty care!

Essentiel Classic Conditioner 200ml

SKU: Essentiel Classic Conditioner 200ml
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