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Over time, hair is subjected to stress in many different forms, for example climatic influences, environmental factors, UV rays and regular heat styling. This stress may cause the hair to become brittle and lacklustre or even to break. Classic Conditioning Spray is a clever conditioning solution for stressed hair. It is simply sprayed into damp hair, where it instantly deposits itself on the hair structure, repairs damaged areas and combats hair breakage. While wheat peptides condition the hair fibre right to the inside, an active ingredient from potato starch protectively coats the outside of the hair. Almost at the push of a button, the hair structure is balanced, and its combability and resistance are improved. A combination of a lipoamino acid and lipids provides additional softness and elasticity and vibrant shine.

Essentiel Classic Conditioning Spray 250ml

SKU: Essentiel Classic Conditioning Spray 250
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