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The fascination with platinum blonde! Blondes know that blonde is not just a hair colour, but also a lifestyle. But just like the people with this hair colour, blonde hair needs special care. That is why No Yellow Shampoo .07 Crystal particularly gently cleanses and conditions cool blonde hair and gives it an elegantly shimmering crystal shine.

The sunflower extract contained in No Yellow Shampoo .07 Crystal deactivates free radicals that are caused by UV radiation. Consequently, the colour protection complex ensures that colour pigments last much longer and the colour stability is increased.

Moisturisers condition hair and scalp.

Violet colour pigments in the shampoo invigorate and maintain the crystal blonde colour reflex while you wash, neutralise undesirable golden yellow reflexes, even in naturally grey hair, and result in lastingly beautiful colour and brilliance. The hair shines in the most elegant shade of crystal blonde and features seductively radiant vibrance.

Glam Color No Yellow Shampoo Crystal .07 250ml

SKU: Glam Color No Yellow Shampoo Crystal .07
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