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Protective Glossing Essence is the magic formulation for shimmering shine in a matter of seconds! As soon as the lamellar essence comes into contact with damp, freshly washed hair, the transparent liquid formulation activates its active care ingredients, which are arranged in thin layers, the so-called lamellae. These ingredients are distributed throughout the hair without weighing it down and deposit themselves precisely where care and repair are required. They provide targeted care for damaged sections of hair and improve the hair’s elasticity. The main ingredient, glucose polyphenol, which is extracted from sugar cane and oak apple, restructures the natural invisible film that keeps the hair cuticle smooth and shiny. The long hair anti-pollution active ingredient with wheat bran extract additionally protects the hair against environmental influences. After an ultra-short processing time, the hair is left feeling weightlessly conditioned with seductively light, flowing movement and irresistible shine.

Long Hair Protective Glossing Essence 250ml

SKU: Long Hair Protective Glossing Essence 25
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