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How beautifully the hair shines in the sun! To ensure it stays this way, it needs intensive care and protection. Sunlight attacks the hair structure and makes the colour fade. Dehydrating weather conditions, sea water and chlorinated water additionally put the hair under stress. As a quick protector and rescuer, Sun Care Conditioning Spray takes effect immediately upon application, when its water- repellent formulation deposits itself directly on the hair structure. Sunflower polyphenols have a both preventive and regenerating effect against UV damage, while UV filters intensify protection against bleaching rays. Ester complex and a conditioning polymer invigorate stressed hair and give it elasticity, softness and shine. With such all-round care and protection, your hair can now also enjoy carefree fun in the sun that is perfectly rounded off by the summery sensual scent of Soleil.

Sun Care Conditioning Spray 150ml

SKU: Sun Care Conditioning Spray 150ml
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