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As laid back and relaxed as the summer can be, sometimes we want our hairstyle to have secure hold. This hold should be elastic and weightless, effectively protect the hair from the sun and give it lively shine. This is no problem at all for Sun Care Styling Lacquer. The non-aerosol hairspray has extra-fine dispersion, is fast-drying and gives every style perfect hold. Its water-repellent UVA and UVB filters protect the hair’s sensitive keratin layer, while an integrated conditioning factor provides additional protection and shimmering shine. For summer looks that are both versatile and creative, Sun Care Styling Lacquer can be used on both dry and slightly damp hair. As soon as you spray it into the hair, your look will be reliably held in place, your hair will be protected against weather-induced dehydration and colour loss, and the summery, sensuous Soleil scent will caress your senses.

Sun Care Styling Lacquer 200ml

SKU: Sun Care Styling Lacquer 200ml
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